Linette Thereon Memorial BCFC 7 A Side Girls/Ladies Football Tournament 3 – 11 – 2018 …!!!

This weekend saw BCFC host yet another successful tournament. This time a 7 a side girls/ladies tournament. Twelve (12) teams entered with only one (1) team not making it to the event. We are growing….!!!!!

Inaugural End-Of-Season Tournament

 “Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great, YOU can be THAT generation. Let your greatness blossom.” – Nelson Mandela

We had 12 teams enter the tournament who were paired into 3 groups of 4 playing each other in their respective groups. The top 2 team in each section as well as the best 3rd place in all 3 sections progressed to the quarter finals.The day started in overcast conditions which made playing conditions for the ladies and girls perfect. The first games kicked off at 8h45am. After the round robin all play all rounds the teams progressing to the quarter finals were:

  • DK Ladies from Soweto, who were our Pre-season (11 v 11) tournament winners
  • BCFC
  • Florida Albion Ladies (FAFC)
  • Old Parks, who were 3rd placed runners up in our Pre-season tournament
  • ETS Ladies
  • Wits Ladies
  • Blue Birds Ladies, who were runners up in our Pre-season tournament, and
  • Lufele Rangers Ladies, a new entrant into our tournament.

The quarter finals proved to be a true reflection of the strengths of the teams progressing from the round robin stage into the quarters showing results of 1 – 0 and 2 – 0 (resulting in only 4 goals being scored in open play).

BCFC progressed to Semi Finals together with Lufele Rangers, FAFC and Wits Ladies. Wits were beaten 2 – o by FAFC, and BCFC lost out on penalties 2 – 1 to Lufele Rangers.

The playoffs between BCFC and Wits ended with Wits beating BCFC 1 – 0 to end as 2nd Runners Up and the finals were played between FAFC and Lufele Rangers with FAFC beating Lufele Rangers 1- 0 in open play to win the Linette Theron Memorial BCFC 7 A Side Tournament and gain FREE entry into our Pre-Season Tournament to be held in March 2019.

Watch out for our next blog or vlog on all social media platforms – we will continue to bring you the highlights of the 2018 Season as well as what could be expected for the 2019 Season and beyond, and what is happening in between. For now, thank you for choosing BCFC as your family club and team of choice and we pray that you will continue to support us, play for us, and be part of our footballing family in the future. We hope to make your experience a pleasant one and that you will excel, grow, learn and become the footballer you want to become; the supporter you choose to be; the sponsor that is proud of the brand they sponsor and the parent that has found a sporting footballing family to belong to. God bless, we shall see you on the field….  #BCFC4LIFE #2018ISGIGANTIC #2019ISGINORMOUS