This weekend saw BCFC perform their final act of kindness for the 2018 Season. All girls/ladies players, family, friends, supporters and volunteers visited the Caro House Ladies Retirement Home to take each resident a Christmas “box” – sponsored by Spar Blackheath and Players of BCFC. A separate gift pack of “Self Love Healing Gift Pack” – was sponsored by one of BCFC parents Katey & Nirren Balram.

The preparation for this final act of kindness started last Saturday after the final trials/assessment/training session was held at Northcliff Sports Oval, the home ground of Bantwana College FC. All players, parents and supporters spent an afternoon braai-ing, wrapping, packing and carolling whilst some cooled down in a most welcoming swimming pool.

The goodie bags had amongst others, toiletry necessities, biscuits, soft sweets, facecloths,etc.  – sponsored by Mr George Skoutollas from the local Spar in Bleakheath, Johannesburg. Katey and Nirren Balram sponsored a goodie bag (Self Love Healing Gift Pack) filled with a reading book – Keys of Yama written by TLB Kruger, fragranced soap, crystal energizing cleansing spray, and much more. Thank you so much to our sponsors including the players and parents who sponsored the balance of the goodie bag.

The event saw many of the girls perform – by not playing football this time, but by singing Christmas Carols. Way different to the normal every weekend chanting and “war cry” singing they do prior to their football matches or the latest hip hop, head banging, ear piercing, “doef-doef” music we are used to hearing them listen to in preparation for the football matches. It was awesome seeing and hearing them perform these act of kindness and it was evident that the ladies at the Old Age Home felt the same… they were beaming from ear to ear and could not thank BCFC enough for the heartfelt performance and generosity. It is an act that BCFC will continue in the New Season and it was announced that 2 more charities would be approached next season. Watch this space.

Not only do BCFC play a good brand of football, but also give back to the community wherein they play football and know how to share the spirit and joy of giving at Christmas Time.

Merry Christmas and a very Blessed New Year to everyone. See you back in the 2019 Season. God bless

Watch out for our next blog or vlog on all social media platforms – we will continue to bring you the highlights of the 2018 Season as well as what could be expected for the 2019 Season and beyond, and what is happening in between. For now, thank you for choosing BCFC as your family club and team of choice and we pray that you will continue to support us, play for us, and be part of our footballing family in the future. We hope to make your experience a pleasant one and that you will excel, grow, learn and become the footballer you want to become; the supporter you choose to be; the sponsor that is proud of the brand they sponsor and the parent that has found a sporting footballing family to belong to. God bless, we shall see you on the field….  #BCFC4LIFE #2018ISGIGANTIC #2019ISGINORMOUS

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