Bantwana College NPC Girls Football Development Program

This season was all about establishing a brand and a culture to build from… !

We have achieved this and much, much more and could not have done it without you. Thank you.

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Summer League (Muse)

Every “business” needs a muse…

We used the ELFA Summer League in 2017 to do that. We started with 18 players from various clubs and entered into the ELFA Summer League. Our first 2 games we won 15 – 0 and 9 – 1 respectively, and got unceremoniously pushed up to the first Div, where we had to play seasoned clubs like JvW (6 times in one Season – 3 home and 3 away games).

We learnt a lot from this experience, and was laying the foundation for our first ever entry into the league, the RCLFA DSL Ladies Winter League, starting April/May 2018.

Soccer on for girls…


Inaugural Pre-Season Tournament

Our very 1st….great success!!!

March 2018 marked our first huge project, the inaugural 11 v 11 Girls/Ladies Tournament.  Six teams entered and the day was run efficiently and smoothly. We had large sponsors such as Re-Max (Field Rental), Caxton (Emergency Ambulance & Security), Dept Sport & Rec (Trophies) and Sheldon’s Print (Flyers & Banner).

The main contributors were however our parents, players and committee who ensured that refreshments and setting up of the day went according to plan.

Well done on this great achievement.

BCFC Hosts inaugural tournament…

The Winter League Starts

We started registration for the Winter League in February 2018 and training started in all earnest on Monday 5th February 2018 at the Allen Glen High School, our temporary home and training grounds.

We retained the majority of the Summer League players and acquired a few new players. The first league match was a disappointment as we lost to Akani FC Diepsloot Ladies on an early Saturday morning rescheduled match. We did not have our Goal Keeper, and our Centre Back arrived with 10 minutes left to play, BCFC trailing 3 – 1 at the time. It was a valuable lesson to learn early in the season and we more than made up for it.

The next eight matches we went unbeaten, beating RAFC B, ETS, Latins, and Old Parks. We ended the season loosing 4, drawing 1 and winning 9 matches. We ended 3rd (28 points) in our first Winter League behind Randburg A (37) and Wits CHRL (35). A great start to our legacy especially since it’s the first year we have participated. Well done all!

The DSL RCLFA Div 1 League Cup was next and we progressed to the semi-finals, only to narrowly loose  1- 0 to RAFC A, who is playing the Finals against Old Parks.

We acquired our own home ground in Northcliff, called The Northcliff Sports Oval, and train and will be playing all our home matches there! watch this space…


Winter League Climax awaits….

Our next weekly Newsletter will be sent out soon… we will continue to bring you the highlights of the 2018 Season as well as what could be expected for the 2019 Season and beyond, and what is happening in between.

For now, thank you for choosing BCFC as your family club and team of choice and we pray that you will continue to support us, play for us, and be part of our footballing family in the future. We hope to make your experience a pleasant one and that you will excel, grow, learn and become the footballer you want to become; the supporter you choose to be; the sponsor that is proud of the brand they sponsor and the parent that has find a sporting footballing family to belong to. God bless,  we shall see you on the field….  #BCFC4LIFE #2018ISGIGANTIC #2019ISGINORMOUS